Site title: James Madison Fourth President of the United States - The Great Little Madison


General Herkimer gives Captain DeMooth a message to deliver in a scene from Drums Along the Mohawk Outdoor Drama. Please contact Mr. Jenks for permission to use the photo.

You are invited to contact Mr. Jenks for more information about his portrayal of President Madison as well as his other roles and projects noted in this site. Programs are tailored to suit the needs of a site and its guests. Mr. Jenks' standard performance fee is $500 plus expenses.

When desired, Mr. Jenks will arrange to include such of his colleagues as you would like to add to his appearance based on their availability. Please note that their individual honorariums and incidental expenses are in addition to those charged by Mr. Jenks.

To learn more about engaging Mr. Madison for programs involving him, scheduling or to ask any other questions about the President, please contact him by email at or by telephone, (216-509-7502).

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