The Greatness of America

Lest We Forget

Armed Forces memorial, Penn Yan, NY. Photo taken by and courtesy of Elaine Ackerson. Copyright © 2006 by Elaine Ackerson. All rights reserved.

The website, Greatness of America, was first built to honor my friend and webmistress's father, a World War II veteran, and all those heroes who have gone into danger before and after him for the sake of their country, their communities, their families and the world.

Lest we forget, the inscription on the War Memorial that stands on the Courthouse lawn in her home town sums up the overall theme of the site. Expanding on the intent of the memorial, the site explores the human interest stories of communities across the country, the natural beauty that surrounds them, and above all the freedoms we enjoy because of the country's Founding Fathers, and the generations of men and women who have defended her from enemies both foreign and domestic.

The Greatness of America site is evolving, as is our nation. Please explore the site and share your own pictures and stories, as well as the names of fallen heroes you wish honored (photos are appreciated if you have them) there.

As my webmistress can explore more facets of our nation's development than I can in my site, she is able to post learning resources, general thoughts from all walks of life, and photos/videos that are unrelated to my site and those owned by my colleagues. She also affords my colleagues and me the opportunity to comment on "matters of import" both in and out of character.