Site title: James Madison Fourth President of the United States - The Great Little Madison

League of Most Interesting Gentlemen, LLC

The League captures the essence of the vibrant "salons" and  engaging soirees from the Age of Enlightenment. The era was marked by a cosmopolitan sharing of ideas in social settings attended by noteworthy philosophers, artistes, and curious citizens. Dolley Madison furthered the trend in America and called her lively gatherings  "squeezes"...and her husband James' thoughts and opinions were among the discourses.  Here are scenes of a similar "salon" where Mr. Madison and his fellows entertain and engage the attendees with their wit and wisdom.

Mr. Madison is grateful to be associated with the League of Most Interesting Gentlemen the multi-talented Natural Philospher (Dean Howarth); President Thomas Jefferson (Tom Pitz); Dr. Benjamin Franklin (Barry Stevens); and the Honorable Secretary of the Treasury Albert Gallatin (Ron Duquette).Along with Mr. Madison, these Gentlemen provide a more personalized view of the early growth of the American Republic that is sometimes overlooked in textbooks or classrooms. For more information about the League, please contact the League via e-mail. Scheduling is coordinated by Mr. Ron Duquette, who portrays Albert Gallatin. The video collage below is used with the permission of the League of Most Interesting Gentlemen. It was authored for the League by Dean Howarth.

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