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teaser image for podcast Creating High Quality Historical interpretation; image used with permission of Allison Pettengill of Helping History Happen

Helping History Happen - Creating High Quality Historic Interpretation

Over the course of three Thursdays in April, Mr. Jenks joined Allison Pettengill of Helping History Happen to discuss quality historical interpretation. This is Episode 24 of the Podcast series. You may access the Podcast via the image to the right or by selecting the highlighted text in this article.

Dr. Lengel, Kyle Jenks, Katie Lebert, Tom Pitts

Interview with Katie Lebert from the University of Virginia's GW Papers - October 7, 2016

Following are excerpts from a professional statement made via an interview with Katie Lebert from the University of Virginia on what it takes to provide a top notch First Person Interpretation experience.....

“This undertaking is far more than dressing up and memorizing lines: A quality First Person Interpreter considers his or her craft an homage to their persona. It is a resolute and lifelong commitment to rendering an accurate portrayal. It will always be a work in progress for the serious historical interpreter.” Kyle Jenks

“Performance presentations are thoroughly researched with the use of as many primary source materials that can be found and professionally delivered giving the benefit of a personal touch that only human interaction can provide.” Kyle Jenks

“I believe that serious first-person interpreters have a place in the academic environment to teach students history,” he says. “The onus is on the academic to vet the interpreter to know if they have the body of knowledge necessary for the students attending. Those who take the craft seriously daily feel that onus of portraying a person they do not know personally.” Kyle Jenks

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