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President James Madison

Mr Jenks as President James Madison. Please contact Mr. Jenks for permission to use this photograph

James Madison, a Virginian, was known to friends and family as Jemmy.

Madison was an astute learner and exceptional statesman. He entered political life in his native Virginia after completing four years of study in two at The College of New Jersey, known today as Princeton University. It was his stature and intellectual skills that lead to his nickname: "Great Little Madison".

As a member of the Continental Congress, Madison was the leading author of the current United States Constitution. John Quincy Adams, our sixth President, dubbed him the “Father of the Constitution”. In addition, he was instrumental in drafting the Bill of Rights that protect the individual freedoms we enjoy today.

To encourage ratification [or passage] of the Constitution, the “Great Little Madison” collaborated with Alexander Hamilton and John Jay in the writing of the "Federalist Papers" in 1788. These were circulated in New York where ratification of the new Constitution was in doubt. Subsequently, Madison served in the House of Representatives during the presidencies of George Washington and John Adams.

In the intervening years leading up to his election as President, James Madison held two terms as the Secretary of State for his friend of 50 years, Thomas Jefferson. At the same time, Madison's vivacious wife, Dolley, occasionally served for Mr. Jefferson when state dinners included wives and his daughters were unavailable. As Secretary of State, Mr. Madison supervised the Louisiana Purchase with the able financial guidance of the Honorable Albert Gallatin, Secretary of the Treasury. At the same time, he oversaw ending the costly raids on shipping lanes by the notorious Barbary Pirates.

During his own two term Presidency, Mr. Madison ably dealt with the domestic turmoil attendant to a growing nation, international intrigue with the abolishment of the extortionist Barbary Pirates, and navigating the pitfalls of reaching victory in our second war for Independence, the War of 1812.

With so many of the issues confronted by Mr. Madison during his political career frequently in today's headlines, including a new breed of high seas pirates, it’s time to take a closer look at President Madison.

It is worth noting that President John F. Kennedy called the “Great Little Madison” our most underrated President.

Please …… explore the site and see Mr. Madison as a full life figure for yourself in the portrayal Mr. Kyle Jenks presents for your enlightenment. And, check the short video below for an introduction to President Madison as portrayed by Mr. Jenks.

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