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James Madison (Kyle Jenks) and Dolley Madison (Judith Kalaora) screenshot from play James and Dolley: Opposites attract, copyright 2017 by J. Henry Caughey for use by Kyle Jenks and Judith Kalaora

New Play - James and Dolley: Opposites Attract

This is a full two act, historically researched stage play with intermission. It chronicles the story of James and Dolley Madison from their courtship through the end of the War of 1812. It is a touching and powerful romance that transcends time. Writer Kyle Jenks debuted the play on May 19, 2017. The debut performance featured Judith Kaloara as Mrs. Madison alongside Mr. Jenks as James Madison.

To schedule a performance, please contact Mr. Jenks.

Tom Pitz as President Jefferson and Kyle Jenks as President Madison. Please contact the Webmaster for permission to use this image block.

Jefferson and Madison: Founding Friends

Completed in early 2016, Mr. Jenks scripted this play based on the 50 year friendship that developed between Presidents Jefferson and Madison while their political careers expanded as legislators, advocates of the United States Constitution, Cabinet Officers and ultimately as our third and fourth presidents, respectively. In the play, Tom Pitz of Orange, Virginia portrays Thomas Jefferson and Mr. Jenks is President Madison.

Cover of Drums Along the Mohawk Outdoor Drama program. Copyright by Drums Along the Mohawk. Please contact Mr. Jenks for information regarding permission to use this image.

Drums Along the Mohawk Outdoor Drama

Based on Walter D. Edmonds' book "Drums Along the Mohawk", Mr. Jenks wrote, this Outdoor Drama specifically for the venue at Gelston Castle Estate in Mohawk, New York. The book and drama are based on the intrigue and events preceding the pivotal Patriot Army victory at the Battles of Saratoga in September and October 1777 in Saratoga, New York.


The cast is comprised of 10 real people and 3 of the fictional characters created by Walter D. Edmonds.  You may see Mr. Jenks portraying militia Capt. Mark DeMooth, in charge of one of hero Gen. Nicholas Herkimer's five militia districts, and/or Gen. Barry St. Leger, commander of the British forces that led the three-week siege on Fort Schuyler.

The next production of Drums Along the Mohawk is planned for 2018. Exact performance dates will be announced as soon as possible.

More general information about the production and images from past performances can be found on the Drama's Facebook page.

American Living History Productions

Mr. Madison's friend, Mr. Jenks, started American Heritage Living History Productions as the umbrella under which Mr. Jenks himself operates as a historical performer, and as talent agent specifically facilitating placement of top quality First Person Interpretation talent . To learn more about American Living History Production's services, please contact Mr. Jenks.

Mr. Jenks portraying an eighteenth century fifer. Please contact Mr. Jenks for permission to use this photo.

New York State Pathfinder Tour Guide

Mr. Jenks can also be engaged to guide you through the paths of history in New York State. In this capacity, travel with him along the lines of the Saratoga Campaign in 1777. Or, head out to the Western Frontier of New York State where intrepid settlers cleared the land and established settlements in territory that was still populated by the Iroquois nations and sometimes claimed by the British posted at Fort Niagara. To request more information about his services as a guide, please contact Mr. Jenks.

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