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Portraying Douglas McKenna. Copyright 2015 by Kyle Jenks. All rights reserved. Please contact Mr. Jenks for permission to use this photo.

Douglas McKenna

When Mr. Jenks isn't appearing as President Madison in historic settings, you will most likely encounter him as Douglas McKenna.

Douglas McKenna is historically inspired and thoroughly researched. Like Forrest Gump, he has had the privilege of living a full life, filled with special relationships. During the performance, Douglas ponders upon, elucidates, pontificates, rues and cheers the days of his 18th century life.

Programs featuring Mr. McKenna are customized to the story you would like to tell.

Kyle as DeWitt Clinton at Congress Park, Saratoga Springs, New York. Copyright 2016 by Kyle Jenks. All rights reserved.

DeWitt Clinton, Governor of New York State

Kyle has recently added Governor DeWitt Clinton to his repertoire of noteworthy individuals from the early years of the United States.

DeWitt Clinton followed in the footsteps of his uncle, George Clinton, as governor of New York State. He has a colorful history in that role. Significantly, the first spade of dirt was turned for the Erie Canal on July 4, 1817, only a few days after he was sworn in as Governor for the first time.

Like Madison, Clinton studied for a time at Princeton, but Clinton transferred to King's College in New York when after it re-opened. By the time he graduated, the school had changed its name to Colunbia University and Clinton was the first to graduate under the school's new name.

Certainly Clinton's political career was shaped while serving as secretary to his uncle, but his brothers who both served in Congress also influenced his ideas. His own involvement in politics saw him represent the Southern District of New York in the State Assembly and in the State Senate. When John Armstrong, Jr. resigned from the United States Senate, Clinton was elected by the New York State legislature. Serving from February 9, 1802 to November 4, 1803, Clinton's dissatisfaction with the living conditions in newly built Washington, DC led him to resign. He returned to New York and was subsequently appointed as the Mayor of New York City and went on to become the city's mayor twice more.


As anyone with a background in the theater knows, actors can never rest on their laurels or portray characters in a single type of dramatic endeavor. Mr. Jenks can often be found playing other characters in various productions on and off screen. Not only that, in many ways, actors can also be seen as educators by bringing matters to life that would ordinarily be found in the pages of books.

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