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Contact information related to quoted references as well as for references listed with no associated quotation is available on submitting a request to Mr. Jenks.

From Robert Dickson after Mr. Madison's (Mr. Jenks') appearance at Union College in Schenectady, New York in October 2015. Dated November 16, 2015

"To Whom it May Concern:

On October 29, 2015 I presented a segment of the Union College UCALL program entitled: “American Presidents, Awesome to Awful.” My segment covered Calvin Coolidge, Richard Nixon, John Tyler and James Madison. While researching the piece, I was informed that right here in the Capitol District there was an interpreter of James Madison named Kyle Jenks. Recognizing an opportunity to provide an unusual kind of presentation by using Mr. Jenks’ talents if scheduling allowed, I contacted Mr. Jenks and we hashed out a basic structure for the James Madison portion of my presentation.

Mr. Jenks was a delight to work with, he was enthusiastic, informative, and possess a great talent to bring Mr. Madison to life. Mr. Jenks suggested improvements to our basic framework involving background, costumes, set design, and text of the actual interpretation. The reception by the audience, which numbered about 80 - 85 people, was just wonderful. They were fully engaged because Mr. Jenks was able to hold their attention. His overall tone, speech patterns, command of 18th century language phraseology, devotion to historical accuracy, costuming, and sense of dramatic timing were excellent. After the presentation I had many audience members remark to me how much they enjoyed Mr. Jenks. I was especially pleased by Mr. Jenks’ calm demeanor, complete lack of obvious nervousness, and command of “stage presence.” Also, not insignificantly, Mr. Jenks bears an actual resemblance to Mr. Madison.

Should anyone be thinking of employing Mr. Jenks for an interpretation James Madison, I say: go ahead without hesitation!

Robert Dickson
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