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Please enjoy this small collection of pictures from Boston and the 2015 production of Drums Along the Mohawk Outdoor Drama. More pictures will be added to this collection in coming months. You may view the images one at a time by selecting the individual circles at the bottom of each image, or allow them to play as an automatic slide show.


The videos range from full length programs to snippets from interviews and trailers for upcoming appearances. Videos may be accessed by selecting the play button in images or highlighted text. If you have problems with any of the links provided, please let Mr. Jenks or the webmaster know so that we may troubleshoot the issue and make necessary corrections.

The Electoral College

Appropriate to current events, Mr. Madison, in his role as Secretary of State, joins Alexander Hamilton (portrayed by Scott MacScott) to discuss the Electoral College and the reasoning behind it. During the video, the gentlemen make reference to both the Constitutional section regarding the method of electing our Presidents and relevant quotes from the "Federalist Papers", essays they wrote jointly with John Jay under the pen name Publius. These essays were written in 1787 in favor of the newly proposed United States Constitution.

The Massachusetts Historical Society - Elbridge Gerry Papers

On October 7, 2016, Mr. Madison was the guest of the Massachusetts Historical Society on the occasion of opening their display of Mr. Gerry's papers related to the Federal Convention (commonly called the Constitutional Convention) from May-September of 1787. In 1787, as the Constitution as we know it today was being discussed and submitted to the states for ratification, Mr. Gerry was considered an anti-Federalist while Mr. Madison was described as a Federalist. This video is found on Facebook, and the link is courtesty of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

"From Plattsburgh to the Peace"

On September 9, 2016, Mr. Madison travelled to Plattsburgh, New York, with Messsrs. John Q. Adams and Albert Gallatin to participate in the annual Commemoration of the Battle of Plattsburgh. Their presentation, "From Plattsburgh to the Peace", explored the events surrounding the War of 1812 and the Treaty of Ghent in the form of a short play that you may view by clicking on the image below.

Prior Appearances

“Time Travel Adventure” in conjunction with Schenectady Children’s Theater’s Great Minds series: “A visit to President James Madison’s Virginia home 200 years ago” (sponsored by the Museum of Inovation and Science - MiSci)

August 26, 2016 brought President Madison together with young constituents, who will be the voters of tomorrow, at the MiSci Time Travel Adventure. His engaging interaction with these future voters is available on YouTube.

The evening of July 31, 2016, Mr. Madison was hosted by the S.O.S group. The video of the occasion is on YouTube.

On June 28, 2016, President Madison was interviewed for a segment of Schenectady Today. During the interview, Mr. Jenks briefly discusses his entry into historic interpretation before responding as President Madison for the remainder of the interview. The YouTube link is courtesy of Schenectady Today.

On June 11, 2016 Bob Cudmore interviewed President Madison regarding the United States Constitution as part of the Revolutionary War Conference in Schnectady, New York. Video was taken by Mr. Jenks, and is posted as a series of six short snippets on YouTube (links are listed below).

  • Part 1 - Interview with Bob Cudmore
  • Part 2 - Interview with Bob Cudmore
  • Part 3 - Interview with Bob Cudmore
  • Part 4 - Interview with Bob Cudmore
  • Part 5 - Interview with Bob Cudmore

  • March 24, 2016, found President Madison and friends from the League of Most Interesting Gentlemen at the Shirley-Eustis House Museum in Boston discussing their life and times with visitors. The video link is courtesy of Shirley-Eustis House.

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